Why Should you Study In Canada

Why Should you Study In Canada

Canada is a leading destination in many things including Education. That explains why it is facing a soaring number of international students with more than 400,000 which is way higher than many places. Through studying in Canada, you can easily get a chance to explore the beautiful country. Some of the reasons to study in Canada include:

Quality education

One of the top reasons why people like studying overseas is the plight to look for quality education. When it comes to education standards, Canada is among the highest in the world.  That will help you lay a good foundation for your career. Since Canadian education is of high quality, it is valued all over the world and is equated to education obtained from the United States or any commonwealth country. When it comes to international rankings, Canadian universities perform pretty well.

Affordable education

As much as you will pay a higher fee than Canadians as an international student, it is still cheaper than many countries such as Australia, the United States, and the UK. That makes it a preferred educational destination.


There is high diversity in Canada, and thus you are sure to get a support system of many other international students. You will get a representation of many cultures hence you will easily blend in. In many schools, the person in charge of international students will link you up to the relevant people or associations that can help you in socialization.

Health and safety

Canada is a very friendly and safe place to live. It is no wonder that every 6th Canadian is an immigrant. According to the United Nations, Canada makes it to the list of the best places to live in the world. Unlike some places, Canadians do not discriminate immigrants from enjoying the same rights they do. Immigrants enjoy the freedom of equality, respect for human rights, stability and peace. According to the rankings done by the Institute of Economics and Peace in 2016, Canada is the 8th most peaceful country in the world.

A lot of research opportunities

In Canada, unlike many other countries, there is a lot of innovative research opportunities that are supported by the Industry or government.

Bilingual education

Canada is a bilingual country with both English and French being used. That gives you options on which language to pursue in your studies. It, therefore, means that you can also learn or improve on your second language. Maybe it is due to that reason that Canada is considered a world leader when it comes to language training.

Vibrant campus lifestyle

Campuses in Canada are multi-cultured and thus very vibrant with many cultural events. Most campuses are also very modern and sophisticated. You will get a lot of diversity when it comes to learning and leisure from world-class sports facilities, halls, and galleries. In addition to that, you will get the chance of building a rich network of people from everywhere. You will also get more exposure through school media; student-run organizations and businesses.

Limitless possibilities

In Canada, there are plenty of opportunities. You have the chance of working while studying. If you have studied in Canada, you can easily secure employment there, and you can legally work there for one-year post graduation. For international students, it is easy for them to apply for permanent residency without necessarily having to leave Canada.

Finding the right institution

Once you have decided you will study in Canada, the crucial step is finding the institution. The kind of institution you learn makes all the difference. For starters, you should make sure that the institution is a designated learning institution (DLI) meaning it has been approved to host international students. The good part is that you can confirm if your institution of interest is a DLI by checking on the official Canada immigration site.

When it comes to the right institution, it is not all about academics; it should be all rounded. That will, however, depend on individual needs and what you want to achieve. Some people thrive on research and challenging lectures. In that case, an academically rounded institution may work well. There are also institutions that are very vibrant and will give you more exposure. It is vibrant regarding their programs, symposiums, and cultural exchange among many others. That will help you not only be equipped with academics but also life skills and networks that will help you in your career. For many Canadian universities, they have work-study programs and hence you can gain work experience while you study.

Location of the institution

Since your studies will take a few years, you will probably live in that location for a few years. It is therefore mandatory that you find the right location for you. That will depend on your preference. Some people prefer vibrant and upbeat places while there are those that prefer small cities with a community feel. If you are the small, close-knit community kind of person, then the east coast would be a good choice for you. If you prefer a vibrant and upbeat lifestyle then Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver would be a good choice. It is good to keep in mind that the cost of living differs from city to city. Some cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are relatively more expensive. Your success will mainly be influenced by where you stay.

Accommodation in Canada

As much as many universities and college offer student accommodation, at some point, you may want to go out. The good part with school accommodation is that it is very convenient and will give you a good chance to socialize more. Paperwork is also much easier. When it comes to renting, it is cheaper. When you want to rent outside school you will have to look for housemates and, in some cases, you might have to go to the outskirts of the city.

Working while studying

As mentioned earlier, most schools give international students the chance to work part-time as they study for up to 20 hours per week. You can find out about the positions available through the school board. You can also opt to work outside of school. Many sites can be of help such as Craigslist and Kijiji where one can get part-time jobs.

Student social life

There are no limits or discrimination when it comes to social life in Canada. You are spoilt for choices depending on what excites you. You can do sports, different hobbies, clubbing and shopping among many others. Most schools are well equipped with all the necessary facilities with a wide variety of clubs and societies, games, hobbies and activities among many others. You also have the option of exploring social life outside campus.

International student support

Different institutions offer a different kind of support to international students. There is a range of in-house student services mainly regarding accommodation and financial support depending on the institution. Many will offer partial scholarships and another kind of funding programs to help you meet your financial needs. Some of the things you need to ask include: What is the kind of financial support services offered? What are the accommodation plans offered? How is the healthcare situation? What is career support service offered? What are the amenities offered? Knowing those kinds of questions will help you be mentally prepared for your new home.

Researching on an institution

Due diligence is needed in everything including finding the right institution. The best part is that technology has made everything much easier and there are many tools that can help you do comparisons of different aspects of the different institutions in Canada helping you easily make a decision. Once you have done a shortlist of your potential institutions, you can visit the websites and work closely with the career counselor to help you make an informed choice. Through the website, you will get updated information on the program, the fees, student services, accommodation and much more. Most places will have an admissions counselor who is readily available.

Canada study permit

If you are an international student and plan to study in Canada post-secondary for a period more than six months, then you will need a Canadian study permit. The study permit is issued by immigration, refugees, and citizenship (IRCC). All you need is a letter of offer from your learning institution and minimum funds. In some cases, you will need additional documents though that is rare. A study permit is not needed in some cases such as distance learning, doing non-academic courses, courses included in tour packages and taking short courses which are less than six months.

Work permit

When you complete your studies, you are eligible for a work permit which goes up to one year. From there if you are still interested in working in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency.


Canada is endowed with so much beauty and quality life. It is safe, clean and has low unemployment rates. In addition to that, it Is not very populated as much as it is such a big country. It is a dream destination for many immigrants and as seen above it would be a good choice if you are considering education. As much as in Canada you are sure all will be well, having a good plan prior will make everything seamless.

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