Why do you care for a Quran Explorer?

We badly need a good Quran Explorer. If you are a Quran lover you know why you need a good Quran Explorer. The Arabs have the privilege of understanding the whole Quran by its meaning as they speak Arabic language and the Quran was revealed into Arabic language. But for the Non-Arabs, the situation is a bit difficult. Many people strive hard to understand the Arabic meaning, but the majority of Non-Arab do not understand the language. Most of the non-Arab people can read very well but fail to understand it.

But the fact is Quran cannot be translated into any language. Quran is a Wonder. Its beauty of meaning, versification, message, rhythm and everything is unlike any book. But as Muslims we should try to understand the message given in the Quran and this is the reason why we need understand the meaning.

There are lots of translations around us. The followings translations are commonly read by the Muslim world today:

1. Abdullah Yusuf Ali
2. Shakir
3. Mohsin Khan
4. Pickthal
5. Mohd Asad

A Quran explorer includes all the major translations with commentary, tafseer and related hadith. One can even listen to the Surah. We see many kinds of Quran explorers but we need a better one that will include download option, forum, and chat option with the Islamic experts sometime. There should be apps for modern devices such as Tab, iphone, anroid devices and Ipad so that people can benefit from them.

A Quran explorer should not be sufficient to the verse selection or translator selection rather it should have 24/7 services for us. We have a number of queries in our minds along with misconceptions. But we do not find anybody who can solve or give an appropriate answer to the trouble. A round the clock chat or call service will give us more scope to know the beautiful deen.

Stay Safe with Regular Tyre maintenance – Young Motorists at Increased Road Risk

A road safety survey was recently commissioned by UK’s leading safety institute – TyreSafe and young motorists’ car insurer ingenie. The study revealed that young motorists today are extremely prone to tyre related accidents due to lack of timely tyre checks.

Stay Safe with Regular Tyre maintenance – Young Motorists at Increased Road Risk

The Survey – Appalling Results

About one-third of drivers in the age group of 18 to 25 were found to have never checked their tyres’ tread depth.  Around two-thirds had not checked the same in the entire month prior to the survey; this being the maximum duration recommended between two checks.

Another worrisome picture concerning tyre pressures surfaced; 25% confessed never ever checking tyre pressure, while 60% admitted not checking the same in the last one month.

The survey highlighted that there’s an urgent need to educate young motorists better about the significance of right tyre care, as around 50% admitted to never being shown the process of checking tyre condition. More than 50% of the questioned youngsters were unaware that fitting safe and legal tyres is a driver’s responsibility. And a whopping 85% didn’t know that riding on illegal tyres could cost them a maximum fine of £2,500.

More than 33% confessed being unaware that up to three penalty points are given for illegal tyres, and that a new drivers’ license could get revoked with six points in a span of two years. Hence, young drivers must be made aware of serious consequences of fitting such tyres.

TyreSafe Insists on Staying Tyre Safe

Stuart Jackson, Chairman, TyreSafe comments that regular, basic tyre checking is critical to road safety. The survey findings suggest that such a simple message has failed to reach young motorists effectively. He added that there was a rise in tyre-related road accidents in 2012, and that if young drivers do not receive timely education, this figure can be expected to only rise further.

Ingenie’s Mission

Richard King, ingenieâ’s founder and CEO said that in the wake of the survey results, it is imperative to make efforts to impart right knowledge to young drivers. Ingenieâ works towards encouraging young people pay lower insurance amounts by urging them to drive safely. He adds that launching a pertinent video in association with TyreSafe is a part of their effort to stay committed towards young driver safety.

Checking tread depth and tyre air pressure are a must for safe driving as these factors ensure that the vehicle brakes, corners, handles and accelerates optimally. These factors are even more important in colder weather as driving tends to become more hazardous in worse weather. However, TyreSafe advocates regular monthly checks that aid minimising safety risks and take just few minutes to finish.

TyreSafe, in partnership with ingenie, has released a new video featuring BBC Outnumbered performer, and an ingenie video blogger and young motorist Tyger Drew-Honey. This video aims at helping young motorists understand the potential outcomes of insufficient tyre care and the correct way of checking tyres.

The short movie can be watched at the TyreSafe Young Drivers page on TyreSafe’s website.